Michael’s Stabilization House

Michael’s House is specific alcohol and drug treatment facility, and it is situated in the charming Mountains of Sab Jacinto in Palm Springs, California. The  drug rehab centre and  alcohol rehab centre organize at Michael’s House Stabilization Center are well known over all the entire country for their inventive and advanced approach in treating the victims who are suffering from different addictions ann apart from it, they provide the treatment for the patients with co-occurring disorders ( which is also studied as Dual Diagnosis)

The Services of Michael’s House Include:

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Michael’s House is unique in the sense that it treats people who have a dual diagnosis of the co-occurring use of substances and diagnoses of mental health. It’s challenging to have a dual diagnosis, and only experts like those found at Michael’s House can deal with the problem with the same effect on both sides.

Contact Michael’s House immediately if you or someone you know has difficulty with the drug or alcohol addiction or a dual-diagnosis. There are helpful, expert staff waiting to help you evaluate your situation and get the help you need.

Mental and addictive disorders often go hand in hand. In terms of their mood or fear disorder, individuals who are diagnosed with drug addiction are twice the risk, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Sadly, individuals with both mental and addictive conditions tend to slip through the cracks of the modern medical world, and they may not receive the help they need. You can visit Michael’s House for your condition and see addiction counsellors for your addiction. However, until both treatments are combined, there is no natural relief for the individual.

The History of Aspiration Restored

Michael’s House provides comprehensive, evidence-based and integrated treatments to address drug use and mental health problems. Their evidence-based approaches have been conducive to healthy long-term recovery for over 30 years. Their commitment to patient-centred care provides us with the flexibility to meet each patient’s unique needs.

When Arlene Rosen lost her son Michael to an overdose of drugs, She started a therapy centre to help save other such families from pain. Opened in 1989, Michael’s House offers comprehensive, integrated treatment to patients and their families for more than three years.

In 2007 Michael’s House was added to the family of treatment centres of the Foundations Rehabilitation Network to support Arlene’s view and expand the Center to accommodate more patients. Michael’s House has helped innumerable people find their way to long-term rehabilitation from dependence and mental health conditions. Michael’s House has a national reputation for integral drug and alcohol treatment and mental health issues co-occurring, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, trauma, grievance/loss, personality disorders and similar conditions.

Their modern and rehabilitative facilities provide safe and private care for patients looking for healing and restoration at the foot of the high mountains of San Jacín in Palm Springs, California.

The Treatment at Micheal’s House

Each Weekly Structured Programme Consists Of:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Main therapy classes
  • Dialectical Conduct Therapy
  • Organized experiential sections
  • Meaningful arts therapy
  • Dual Diagnosis classes
  • Medication sections
  • Relapse anticipation groups
  • Trauma treatment
  • 12-Step conference
  • Co-reliance groups
  • Adventure escapade

The Core Values of Micheal’s House

With a single step, each journey begins. The first step in Michael’s House Stabilization Center is balance and rehabilitation. The Michael House Stabilization Center restores physical and psychological equilibrium, making it possible for individuals to become acclimatized and ready for the excursion ahead. Rooms around a pool, a relaxing dining area, lounge areas, party and staff rooms make up this one-of-a-kind facility. Even though stabilization is the least intense recovery stage, residents can still engage in therapeutic and recreational activities. Although they are physically stabilizing, people in the detox phase have a more restricted schedule. When they’ve completed the programme, they’ll be able to engage in meditation walks, process groups, creative arts, yoga, our restore sleep programme, time for reflection, orientation sessions, and more. Time for Self-Reflection and Adjustment We use a level structure at Michael’s House to assess an individual’s care and rehabilitation stages. Our primary concern during stabilization is the residents’ safety, health, and comfort.

Residents’ bodies need plenty of rest when detoxing from a drug. For a co-occurring illness, they may continue to adapt and stabilize on new medicines. A refuge for recovery and healing at the San Jacinto Mountains base is Michael’s House at Palm Springs, California. It has four campuses: the Stability Centre, the Women’s Centre, Men’s Center and the Outpatience Centre. Michael’s House has four campuses. Each campus has different facilities and services, but they offer the same high standard of care. The Men’s Program curriculum focuses on developing strength-oriented skills, while resilience focuses on the women’s programme. Michael’s House encourages and educates individuals to support their particular recovery needs.

During stabilization, we allow residents to relax, settle into their quarters, and get to know the treatment centre. What matters most is that they soften and let their minds and bodies recover in Michael’s House. Our residential programme currently has four levels, and residents often hit Level 1 at the Stabilization Center.

Level 1 is a contemplation period during which people will think about what they want to do while in care and orient themselves to the treatment programme, schedule, and staff in Michael’s House. This is a chance for them to clear their heads and recognize that they are no longer exposed to everyday life stresses or external factors. They’ll be able to start. They can begin to think about their goals in life and what they would like to achieve in recovery.

A refuge for recovery and healing at the Center of the San Jacinto Mountains is Michael’s House in Palm Springs, California. It has four campuses: the Stability Centre, the Women’s Centre, Men’s Center and the Outpatience Centre. Michael’s House has four campuses. Each campus has different facilities and services, but they offer the same high standard of care. The Men’s Program curriculum focuses on developing strength-oriented skills, while resilience is the focus of the women’s programme. Michael’s House encourages and educates individuals to support their particular needs for recovery.

The purpose of Michael’s House and Foundations Recovery Network is to build a long-term recovery relationship. They provide honest service. Their reputation is based on confidence and honesty. In all of our actions, we are considerate, deliberate and ethical to have a meaningful impact for the whole of our life on the people we serve. People are inspired by Michael’s House. This organization’s base is made up of people. Their approach to those who represent empowers them to be the shift they want to see in themselves and the world.

They aspire to be the best. Our energies are focused on achieving success in everything we do in Michael’s House. We are dedicated to delivering top-class experiences to everyone we support, from our treatment philosophies to our everyday interactions. This dedication is upheld by our relentless quest for new, creative, and evidence-based approaches to our work. With love, we foster healing. A holistic, versatile, and empathetic approach to each person is required for effective care. Our Dual Diagnosis techniques are encouraging rather than confrontational, and they are completely organized in Michael’s House, which means we address both drug abuse and mental health issues at the same time. We meet people where they are and guide them through a healing process that is compassionate, individualized, and positive.

“Stabilization offers residents the personal space, reflection time, and protection they need to start thinking about their life goals and what they want to accomplish in recovery.”

Michael’s House is committed to delivering integrated care options to those suffering from addiction and mental health problems, allowing them and their loved ones to achieve long-term recovery and enjoy the stable, happier lives they deserve.

Recognizing that you have developed an addiction to alcohol or drugs is a courageous and crucial first step toward recovery. Recognizing all the potential changes can be daunting for those who are prepared and eager to recover — from selecting a treatment facility to understanding insurance coverage to the prospect of joining someone else’s care. It’s natural to be nervous, but keep in mind that you’re investing in your future, and you’ll be surrounded by people who will celebrate and encourage you along the way.

What Is the Admission Process of Michael’s House?

Admission to a recovery programme begins with the admissions process. Admissions coordinators are by your side and want to assist you with each phase of the check-in process. They have a long list of questions for you to answer, but it’s just to ensure that they have the most up-to-date details about your health so that your stay at the facility is healthy and effective. They will not pass judgement on your life choices; instead, they are eager to help you while you heal in Michael’s House.