Our Mission at Foundations Recovery Network

Founded around in 1995, the FRN (Foundations Recovery Network) established as a leading provider of treatment for people with a diagnosis of drug misuse and mental disorders. FRN provides continuous care for those who work to combat co-operative problems including inpatient management, professional recovery, and private projects.

The FRN treatment program joins 12 theories while using positive communication techniques and a fruitful recovery effect. Our private model achieved unique and countless results for two analyzes such as gaining public acceptance as an excellent program. With highly skilled and caring staff, long-distance access to medical offices, and a commitment to help those with co-operative conditions, FRN offers the full level of management to deal with the problems of people with dual disorders.

History of Foundations Recovery Network

During the 1980s and 90s, emotional health and compulsory treatment were isolated items that were not prepared to meet the patient’s need for the same mental illness and addiction treatment. People in need of treatment for co-occurring conditions were repeated among the providers. This dissatisfaction with the lack of a well-thought-out approach accessible to dual diagnosis prompted the opening of the Foundations Associates (FA) in 1995 as a non-profit organization that manages poor, dependent, schizophrenic men in an eight-bed home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mission & Vision of Foundations Recovery Network

Our main goal in the Foundations Recovery Network is to pioneer in evidence-based support, prepared for the emotional interaction with substance abuse problems through clinical management, training, and testing. Our vision is to be a good, effective treatment and to provide heavenly unity in all our care in all areas.

So why is it important here exactly? It means we accept everyone’s story is important and has a reason. It means we accept lives can be re-established and recovery is another option no matter what you experience. We acknowledge that treating everyone as a primary concern, body, and soul is essential to the healing process. Also, we are so optimistic that we have deliberately researched our strategies over the years to show that making lifelong connections promotes long-term recovery by FRN. FRN assures you that we will continue to expand those tests and our interactions to ensure that more lives can be re-established, shame can be eradicated and trust can be seen. We are happy with our story, we need you to enjoy yours too.

Integrated Treatment by Foundations Recovery Network

Everything Foundations Recovery Network does is aimed at helping a fully-fledged recovery, taking care of everyone’s needs – in fact, internally, mentally, and deeply. We offer innovation, you create life.

Treating both remedies and any other spiritual well-being problems at the same time often imposes complications that occur collaboratively due to practices in which these conditions interact. If one problem is left untreated, it may decrease and harm any progress made to manage another problem. Also, both situations can be identified by complexity, so managing them all the time gives the person the best possible opportunity to deal with these connections and to devise the best way to manage these two problems consistently, thanks to FRN

Problems that occur in a joint can try to manage on their own. If you are struggling with drug abuse and at least one social situation you may feel like your situation is sad, but then there is trust. Our integrated treatment plans are a great way to get the attention you need.

Treatment Tailor-Made for You by Foundations Recovery Network

At the Foundations Recovery Network, we use only the best and most comprehensive treatment strategies, and the entire treatment plan is designed to address your problems. The fulfillment of patience is at the heart of everything we do and is constantly awakening to us. Get patient-centered consideration that applies to your entire recovery process – before, during, and after treatment.

Trustable Accredited Treatment by Foundations Recovery Network

FRN is working on integrated therapy, which includes treatment for dependence and social upheaval, also called co-operative complications. A comprehensive combination of evidence, based on evidence and each treatment is used to address these issues as any other injury. This approach to treatment is available in our private offices, patients, and other forms of treatment nationwide.

What Sets Foundations Recovery Network Apart?

Choosing a medical provider can be a challenge. How can you determine who can give it to you or your loved one? For more than 20 years the FRN has been on the verge of bleeding in providing evidence-based, patient-centered treatment. We strive to ensure a credible consideration for the ever-increasing levels of current standards in our industry and to enhance real communication.

Why Foundations Recovery Network?

Stability in treatment options is disappointing. It is difficult to ask for help and it can be very difficult to see which medical provider is included that you should rely on. That is why FRN’s goal is basic: to provide real, clear, and powerful help At FRN we understand that people do not just have situations to deal with. They are people who have an exciting encounter with their needs and goals. This is the reason why intensive treatment is not a single size. We sincerely accept that treatment should be done for you, not for you. Restoration is an organization and communication.

As you consider your treatment options, FRN has set out the guarantees we have made for our customers in the long run. We have been following these assurances since they began, and these are assurances that, if you decide to put your trust in us for treatment, you will understand them.

We Promote Integrity

Our honesty is at the heart of everything we do. We see that those seeking treatment often do not help themselves with deceptive assurances. The FRN does not participate in any bad practices to promote or work with organizations that violate our code of conduct. From our business premises to our medical facilities, our staff is fully committed to being reliable assistants and providing the best possible information to our patients.

Our Responsibility:

  • Accurate and Reliable: Continue to provide accurate and reliable information
  • Patience: Liaise with you on the best treatment options as indicated by your specific clinical needs
  • Continuity of Care: Continuing our relationship with you after treatment will help you support your recovery business
  • Ongoing Testing: You are using formal testing to improve the treatment you will receive

We Guarantee That We Will Provide Care, Patient Consideration

Therapeutic approaches to drug use and emotional health problems continue to evolve as we continue to simplify investigations and develop more safe and effective ways to help patients. However, we have a centralized treatment concept that remains unchanged all the time: we must treat everyone – honestly, internally, mentally, and deeply – to see the long-term effects of withdrawal. FRN truly appreciates that recovery is workable for everyone and we often end up empowering and believing in people who have lost their sense of self-worth. For more than two decades we have been providing care programs focused on understanding focused, systematic treatment, and we will always be with you and recover.

Key Actions of The Foundations Treatment Model, as Stated In SAMHSA’s TIP 42:

  • Continuing professional training of professional and non-professional staff
  • Consolidation of clients to fully connect to their treatment
  • Relying on inspirational ideas
  • Proper management in the community
  • Long-lasting, stage-based view that is common throughout the recovery and recovery period
  • A strong union for working with initial commitment and retention
  • Collecting recruits based on peer-to-peer discussion, psychological training, and self-shared exercises
  • What follows is a way to address the basic skills of preparation, learning, and support
  • Local-based management is to take care of clinical, sleep, social, or alternative needs
  • Great ideas about ‘hope for recovery’ are all employees. (SAMHSA / CSAT 2005)
  • Our patient experience

We Are Guaranteed to Obey Industrial Principles

Many medical offices enhance their ability to analyze and manage collaborative problems. However, few can satisfy the criteria set by the FRN. FRN’s offices annually meet DDCAT’s measures for Double Conclusion Improved (DDE) management, a portion recently completed by the top 5% of medical providers.

Truth be told, in a free survey conducted by Dr. Imprint McGovern, a Dartmouth Mental Exploration Place person and co-founder of DDCAT, FRN projects are referred to as the “highest level” of the medical business. In a book on the foundations of the Foundations’ DDCAT, Dr. Imprint McGovern stated, “Patients gain expertise in self-analysis, identify what they need to do to treat their illness and discuss it in part in accepting and accepting abnormal adjustments to treatment settings. The FRN also completes industry guidelines by directly evaluating and declaring its treatment and post-treatment tolerance levels. This is not a case study of an individual, but rather, the result of a wide range of information-rich extracts taken from the use again in one month, half a year after treatment.

Most providers have secretly relied on healthcare providers who will be directly exposed to their results but the real results should be open for an investigation into completely free circles. At FRN, we have a history of nearly 20 years of official public events, with reliable test results that exceed SAMHSA’s access to information systems. Our findings are often presented at compulsory meetings and transferred to a local treatment centre in peer-reviewed diaries to increase the profitability of our work. Call us today at 615-490-9376 so that you can get acquainted with Foundations Recovery Network’s test results here.

Contact Information and Locations of Treatment Facilities

Michael’s House
2095 N. Indian Canyon Rd.
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Skywood Recovery
10499 North 48th St.
Augusta, MI 49012

Black Bear Lodge
310 Black Bear Ridge
Sautee Nacoochee, GA 30571

Talbott Recovery
5355 Hunter Road
Atlanta, GA 30349