Apps to Help with Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Millions of people use Addiction Recovery apps all over the world to deal with opioid and alcohol abuse. In 2015, nearly 20.8 million people met the medical criteria for a drug use disorder, with one of every twelve Americans in need of care. During the wake of the 21st century, there was a drastic increase in the usage of the internet for many purposes; home, schools, hospitals that led to new inventions, in turn making our lives simpler and effortless.

A new wave of mobile phone manufacturing companies enabled 70 percent of the people to use the devices. It is not surprising that the world’s usage of Addiction Recovery app after that regarding phone usage has not helped us identify the apps that could reverse our habits and post-recovery. However, there is clear evidence that one expands its support network and track progress by using these apps.

The Apps that Will Help You Get Over Addiction Include

Twelve Steps

An Addiction Recovery app that was developed in the early 2000s was called Twelve Steps – The Companion. Several A.A. tools are available to the user, including the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book, daily meditations, a sobriety reminder that keeps track of how long the user has been sober, and an A.A. Meeting Finder that provides easy access to Maps.


This Addiction Recovery app has features that will help people with alcohol and sex addiction walk through the recovery journey.

The Features Include;

  • Live Chat – this feature enables an individual to talk with other people having the same problem. Through the connection that pone makes, they can feel a sense of change.
  • Attending Meetings – a directory of 12 steps and the option of checking in at meetings enhances the sense of cohesiveness among the addicts.
  • A journal and daily check-ins
  • The prescribed diet is a defined meal plan for all patients, mainly intended to reduce cravings and subsequent health restoration.
  • Finance Calculator – This feature’s main intent is to allow the addicts to keep track of their spending behavior, enabling openness and responsibility.

In addition to recovery, the app also can help one prevent addiction.

Compatibility: iOS


iPromises is a free app that includes “trigger alerts” (warnings about the dangers of relapse), a directory of AA supporters (mentors in the AA methodology), a progress-tracking calendar, and a directory of phone numbers for meetings in the United States.

Compatibility: iPhone & Android


The idea behind the creation of this Addiction Recovery app is to help one become accountable and, in turn, make them decide in taking a journey on addiction recovery.

Procedure on How It Works;

The users can put an inventory of all the behaviors they want to keep track of, then rate their success rate by the green, yellow and red light system, the same scenario as the traffic lights. However, by tracking their frequency, the app rates their success which helps them know what contributes most to the rating.

Compatibility: iOS

Sober Grid

Have you ever thought that anyone knows what you are going through? Sober Grid Addiction Recovery app enhances the idea by making a virtual group according to the location. In case your day is not going through as planned, you can send out an emergence message by clicking the “burning desire” button, and someone close to you will locate and help. This app’s uniqueness is mainly the “Daily Quests”, which tend to engage the user frequently to improve their improve your attitude and reduce your negative thoughts, things like reading inspiring stories. No matter the user’s step, one can always get in-app support.

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Pear reSET

Pear Therapeutics’ Pear reSET is the first Addiction Recovery app to be licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to aid in treating substance use disorders. The interactive therapy software offers a specialized 12-week program schedule with weekly check-ins. It is currently only available for download to people over 17 who have a prescription from a doctor. The reSET app takes users through a series of fun lessons to help them get back on track. Users can complete the tasks at their speed and earn virtual rewards by taking a quiz after each class.

An experimental study established that the software significantly enhanced treatment results, including higher abstinence rates. Results from a 12-week randomized trial of 399 patients revealed abstinence rates of 40.3% compared to 17.6% of those without the software. Getting an access code to the app will require a prescription from your doctor or therapist if you wish to use it in conjunction with your current treatment plan.


By generating a personal profile and communicating with others through person or group messaging, this Addiction Recovery app assists user with Porn, Drug, and Food Addictions in overcoming their addictions. Apart from connecting users, the app also allows them to monitor their rehabilitation progress and receive assistance if they feel the urge to drink or engage in some other addiction. The application also keeps tabs on user check-ins and sober days.

What makes the application one of the best in functionality is the ability to mark when the user feels like using drugs. We may be able to develop a preventative strategy and choose when and how to prepare for the triggers, which will aid us in developing the preventative strategy. It is also possible to take a test through the application to determine the type of addiction that you have. Still, it is also possible to grow a recovery plan for yourself through the application.


Nomo can be a valuable tool for helping others with their rehabilitation. The clock feature will help you mark emotional turning points, and you can share any worries, joys, or shames you’re having in the app’s “encouragement” portion, which can make you feel less alone in your recovery.

The Following Are Some of The Highlights:

  • Your sobriety clock allows you to keep track of how many days you’ve been sober.
  • Ability to share your sobriety clock with people who are helping you get sober, such as family, friends, partners, coaches, or counsellors.
  • If you’re feeling compelled to use, you can contact an accountability partner.
  • There’s also a “distraction” feature that acts as a quick refocusing tool to help you stay strong when you’re feeling down.

Big Book – for Anonymous Alcoholics

This Addiction Recovery app includes group finder, podcasts, blessings, and life experiences, and also the entire text of that same Big Book, which are all available. The app allows you to save significant passages, make comments in the discussion segment on individual chapters, and check for relevant keywords. You can also use the app’s sobriety calculator to chart your progress and input your date of sobriety.


Addiction can be an illness and a symptom. Through this, patients are fueled by escaping the core part of recovery. For those going through depression, anxiety support can be found from the app. In addition to the mood tracker feature, the app can also help the users in meditation,

Compatibility: iOS

PTSD Coach

The national center developed this Addiction Recovery app for post-traumatic stress disorder, enabling users to learn and manage people living with PTSD. The features include a customizable strategy, enhancing relaxation, anger management and positive self-talk. The most interesting features include the “find support” button that one clicks to get extra help.

Compatibility: iOS, Android


Like Pacifica, the MindShift Application is designed to help those with anxiety. However, it specifically targets young age people and includes guiding them through anxieties, specifically perfectionism and test anxiety.

Compatibility: Android


This is an online-based mental health care program affordable and convenient by connecting users everywhere with several therapists averaging to more than 2000. With this, a patient can connect with a therapist by sending texts, audio, videos and picture message from anywhere at any time.

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Cost: $5.99

The Addiction Recovery app has a range of features, such as daily meditations, that help users find support and cut down on their drug use.

Other features include;

  • One can share information with friends in text form or emails
  • One can quickly search through the 366 daily meditations by a customized search button
  • Reminder feature.

I Became a Sober Believer

Cost: $0.99

This Addiction Recovery app, developed by recovering addicts, has incredible features that can help people transition and take the first steps toward recovery. Because its GUI is enjoyable and user-friendly, it is suitable for users of all ages.

It has a long list of features, including:

  • Checking in on your emotional state regularly
  • Write daily exercises and gratitude lists
  • Set reminders to get a service from mentors
  • The big book is open for quick reference.
  • The email feature allows users to share what they have achieved with their family, friends or even colleagues.

Daily Reflections on Step Meditation

Cost: Free

This Addiction Recovery app features hundreds of insight meditation that are simple to follow, and also calming music, blessings, and 12-step counselling audio. This application features a meditation clock, soothing sounds, everyday inspiration, and the ability to layer sounds and create your sound mixes to help you make meditation a habit while recovering. You can create your own relaxation playlist using the app. To gain access to all of the content, you must sign up for a subscription. Then you can decide how much you’d like to pay. Whether you’ll be distracted and won’t become able to attend meetings, this is a perfect way to keep up with the measures.


Cost: Free

You must maintain a healthy work/life balance when overcoming an addiction. You could be more likely to relapse if you are stressed due to a hectic schedule, long hours, and perhaps a demanding boss. Tide uses to keep you concentrated and efficient, use ambient noise and a timer. The setting timer has been disassembled into 25-minute periods of intense focus, with 5-minute breaks in between. Forest, rain, and ocean are among the five meditation sounds available.


Cost: Free

Strides hold you responsible and track how far you’ve progressed against your goals. Anything, including sobriety, healthy eating, meditation, exercise, and more, can be tracked. Strides let you choose from four different tracker types. Select “objective.” when you have a deadline to follow; “custom” if you’d like to begin or stop a bad habit; “average” to keep track of an average over-time; and “accomplishments” to chart the project’s progress. This app is perfect for setting goals and monitoring your progress.

Forks Being Over Knives

Cost: $4.99

The creators of the title of the movie Forks Around Knives created this app, which includes over three hundred Plant-based preparations to support you consume healthier, less-processed foods. To help you prepare the meal, each recipe includes step-by-step instructions and photographs. The app can also be used to create grocery lists, write notes, and also save those favorite recipes.


Cost: Free

To help you achieve your diet or weight loss goals, this Addiction Recovery app organizes all of your monitoring services, including Moves, Run keeper, and Apple Health. You can join social clubs and get advice, encouragement, and inspiration from other users via the app. Nudge will link you with a personal coach if you need more guidance and inspiration.

Lose It!

Free of charge (in addition to monthly and annual paid subscriptions)

Lose It! offers nutritious recipes, workout challenges, and a way to monitor your health goals are all available. The embody DNA function gives you personalized suggestions for weight-loss edibles, drinks, and activities. You can stay on top of your diets by taking a photo with the aid of the app’s Snap It functionality and posting your weight-loss progress with friends.

You can’t just stop using the software if you’re serious about getting better. It will help if you put them to use, interpret them and keep responding about them daily. With so many recovery applications available online, getting help is now simpler than ever. Get your phone whenever you’re ready and get started on your road to recovery.

In the end, an app, however effective, cannot replace professional help. If you or someone you love is struggling to live a full and happy life—be it due to addiction, mental health or a combination of the two—do not hesitate to contact us on 615-490-9376 to get more services and effective as opposed to using Addiction Recovery app