Risks Due to Fentanyl Addiction

From the very ancient times to the medieval period and also in the age of modernization and globalization, power has always been considered a hallmark of excellence. If something has the power, then my general perception about the thing will also be good. When we talk about the vehicles, it is often seen that the users prefer high octane over the standard gas just because it is more powerful and efficient. The power game is also entrenched in sports. A wrestler who is powerful is always preferred by the associations.

Similarly, a baseball pitcher who pitches the fastest among all the other players is the subject of all the interest of the people, which makes his brand value a culmination. While in search of good career options, one thing that is in the mind of every job seeker is which career can give him the money and the happiness that will ultimately make him feel powerful. So it can be seen that power is one of the things that every person out there desires regardless of his field. But as they say that all that glitters is not gold. The same is the case with power, as it is a well-established fact that excess of everything is terrible.

The same is the case with the drugs. Drugs have from ever been prescribed by therapists for tackling depressions or as pain killers. One of the medicines that has proved to be much powerful in this regard is Fentanyl abuse. According to a report of the National Institute of Drug Abuse, Fentanyl abuse is so much powerful than other drugs. If compared with morphine, then Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times powerful. This much power can prove to be an instant pain reliever. But everything that seems to be too good at the superficial level has some hidden side effects at the bottom. Fentanyl abuse can also become a serious contributor to some severe problems. All these problems are caused due to the addition of the drug.

Fentanyl Abuse and the Brain

The therapists initially prescribed Fentanyl for noble purposes. One of the most significant medical benefits of it is that it is a very good pain killer. Actually, Fentanyl is designed in such a way that it encourages the formation of more and more pleasure-producing chemicals in the brain. The brain responds to the pleasures by producing certain chemicals that give a sense of happiness, and Fentanyl abuse can boost up the formation of these chemicals. This can prove to be very helpful for a person who is trying to tackle the pain. It is a well-known fact that a person can ignore his pain when he is very much happy. The problem actually arises when people use it for no reason. Sadly Fentanyl abuse has become common now that people, just to enjoy their time, take doses of Fentanyl that can become a cause of serious concern if the user develops an addiction.

As it has been mentioned before that the Fentanyl abuse boosts the formation of pleasure-producing signals in the brain. So it affects the brain in such a way that the brain starts to become dependent. I.e., it finds it difficult to produce its own signals when needed. So by the time it becomes necessary for the addict to take Fentanyl just to feel the happiness and pleasure. Fentanyl abuse has many other side effects as well. It can become a cause of vomiting, nausea, constipation, insomnia, headache, and a feeling of lethargy. Many of the addicts also experience a loss of appetite. Some severe side effects are also related to drug usage. These sideeffects of Fentanyl abuse may include a severe problem in breathing, very much low blood pressure, muscle weakness, pain in the abdomen, and a deficiency of androgen.

The probability of losing the feelings of pleasure as an aftermath of the addiction is much higher in people who take other painkilling drugs. Some of these drugs include

But as it has been stated before as well that the Fentanyl abuse is much more powerful than all these drugs. So just merely touching it can also cause a high dose. And this high dose can become a cause of serious concern for the user and can become a reason for different problems in the future.

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  • Certain Dangers Related to Fentanyl Abuse

Fentanyl is available in various forms in the market, and it depends on the user that how he decides to use it. It is actually available in liquid and pills to form. Some other forms for Fentanyl abuse are also present. After purchasing the medications, it depends on the user that how he uses them. Some take the drugs as such, and some crush the pills to make a powder out of them, and then they snort this powder to gain pleasure.

Many users have developed their own methods of consuming the drugs, and some of them are actually very creative. Some users who do Fentanyl abuse make a lappet of the Fentanyl, and then they stick it with their skin that keeps on giving the dose of the drug periodically through the passage of skin. According to a report of the researchers of the Journal of Forensic Sciences, it was found that some of the victime who are Fentanyl abuse also open the packets of Fentanyl and crush its material. Then they take the ingested material inside their body. Many other creative methods are also in the practice of the abusers.

All the drugs available out there have one thing in common that their need keeps on increasing every day by the addict person’s side. The same is the case with Fentanyl abuse. It does not matter that how the person takes it inside the body. Whether he takes the pills, snorts their powder, or masticates the ingredients of the drug. One thing is a fact, and it is that the want of the medicine will keep on increasing every new day. This is because the body gets used to the Fentanyl abuse more and more after each dose and also starts to become dependent on the drug just to make the standard response of pleasure, and the demand increases every day. So the prescription that was initially used to get happier than everyone out there becomes a necessity to enjoy the everyday pleasures as well.

Recovery Program for Fentanyl Abuse

Fentanyl abuse is becoming more and more common every year because of its easy availability, and the increasing demands of its already users. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) did a survey in 2011 and found that the number of  people for Fentanyl abusealone was 20,034, and this number increases many folds every year. So a person addicted to Fentanyl should not deem himself as the only person on the planet who is facing this problem. If some of your loved ones are Fentanyl abuse, then you should realize that there are many families out there as well that are facing the same problems.

Any medical problem that becomes more and more common every coming day is subjected by the medical professional to extensive researches. So many professionals have also devoted themselves to finding new and innovative methods of tackling Fentanyl abuse. Many forms have been found to be effective in this regard as well. These researchers have found many working practices that have proved to be very helpful in attaining sobriety.

Pain and discomfort are some of the significant problems in any drug addiction therapy. But professional medical treatment can help to take both these factors out of the whole detoxification process. This makes the treatment easy for the patient, and he will be able to attain sobriety without having feelings of sickness.

Therapists and counselors can prove to be very helpful in this regard for Fentanyl abuse. Many different medications are used by them to help the patient in overcoming the addiction. A combination of therapies is also used by them. One thing is always kept under the eyes in all that process that are the underlying medical conditions. It is one of the duties of the therapist not to let the addiction get worst. Motivations can also help the patients with Fentanyl abuse in easy and smooth recovery. Support group leaders can make you meet other people who are in the process of recovery and also those who have successfully defeated their addiction. This will motivate you in your journey and help you to achieve mileston as well. You will develop a desire to be on their spot.

Rehab processes for Fentanyl abuse are always suitable for addicts. They not only help you recover but also assist you in gaining knowledge about your addiction. This new knowledge can open to you different facts about your Fentanyl abuse and addiction that you never knew. If you need assistance in your treatment of Fentanyl abuse and addiction, then we are always there to assist you in tackling with your problem. You just need to call us at the number that is given above. Our coordinators for the admission will let you know more about the treatment process for Fentanyl abuse.