Do You Want to Rent a Room But Only to Sober Applicants? Check deserves the famous saying, growing sober always involves Updating “faces and places,” but that most of the time means a change of residence. It’s not easy to look for a better place to live. It can be harder when you are sober especially being newly sober. This website has more than 3500 members, started last October, and is growing well. It has only one alternative, roommates in sobriety. is an online community of like-minded sober people who want to live together. And it gives a chance to room owners to rent their room. Renters meet their mates, and the deal is closed. You can upload your profile, who you are, if you are interested in moving to a new place, thinking of living in a sober community. Renters are supposed to upload the photos of their property, write some specifications in the preformed templates on the website, and finished. Search features of the website and instant messaging features, you can see photos of your roommate or the place you will live. Just meet your new sober roommate.

Founder of in a one-to-one interview with, He has to say a date his website has security for renters and the people renting rooms. Security and trust are most important in the minds of people looking for roommates today, and it is most important for the sober community.

MySoberRoommate site further explains itself as, “the best way to maintain your recovery is to have a healthy lifestyle, involve yourself in life with like-minded people. Particularly in your environment, live clean, either you are in recovery or otherwise have chosen to live clean and sober for other good reasons.”

 Sandler talked with,” my job is of a clinical social worker. I have to work with the addicts recovering from all kinds of substances.” Sandler’s workplace is a rehabilitation center specializing in conquering addiction and other health disorders related to mental health, offering services in Southern California. He also has experience working in a neuropsychiatry hospital where he worked in a hospital program at UCLA Resnick neuropsychiatry hospital.

Partial Hospital programs are gaining popularity in recent times; they give a chance to third-party payers to discharge the patient from psychiatric beds earlier than expected. They reduce the cost of hospital stays and provide a chance for the admission of new patients. They are especially beneficial for the community where they lack psychiatric beds.

It will be not wrong to say that Sandler books with the clients who could not live just anywhere. “I have clients transforming out of sober living (complexes) or toxic living environments, and they find it difficult to get Sober roommates,” he talked to us. He added further,” the change of place and living alone is not enough for recovery of mental health the people who are using is not. My thoughts are there is no one like this out there”. (He was talking about this website)

Roommatesinsoberity requires your data, your identity, and contact info such as your telephone number or email address for coming in contact with you while does not need any such thing; it gives you security and confidence buy an internal messaging system. In this way, you can chat with full privacy with possible and potential candidates. We understand anonymity is important for everyone, particularly for those who are recovering. A breach in privacy can discourage their efforts to get straight in life. Here Sandler comes for the rescue. You can agree to meet somewhere, and your info is safe; you do not have to transfer your data and meet The Roommate at your ease.

Necessary Fresh Start at a New Place May Get Difficult for Sober People

For the sake of getting sober, you may have to change the town, area, region, or country for your safety. Immigration to such a far distant, distanced area can be fearful and challenging. Sandler gives you services to ease your cross-country move. You get the chance to start a whole new life at a new place, and you have the advantage of knowing one sober person already who will introduce you to more nice people. It is much likely you may meet dozen sober people in your hunt for the right room.

Talking about himself, Sandler revealed he is “not sober” but cleared him “does not drink or abuse.” People display their posters and define themselves in a very accurate manner without hiding anything on They do not title themselves as of a “sober community” As they are in recovery, but title living the “straight life” as in straight-laced.

“There is a mass population which does not abuse any substances [drug or alcohol]. A dozen of my friends working in different areas of life, such as sports trainers or personal trainers in the world of fitness, are living a healthy life, and not a single one of them abuse alcohol.”

The people who live in “pink clouds,” as they say in AA meetings, do not fit well with the people who have already recovered and are living a healthy life in sobriety. People attending AA meetings for a long time or, say, several years of sobriety do not come anymore. There can be two possibilities: they have become too busy or are good and secure in their sobriety, which means they no longer feel right for “the rooms.”

Some people have the habit of flattering the brag they have no care for the 12th September program; in reality, they require a roommate in the recovery process. Interested in finding a roommate enrolled in some other recovery program, examples are SMART Recovery, lifering, etc. Another option is to stay with someone who is away from drinking or drugs, in short, who has never developed the habit of drinking or drugs. This rules out the problem for them, and they are good to go having a chance of living happily.

Bring Your Sponsor When Meeting the Potential Roommate

 Sandler emphasizes its pertinent to be vigilant when looking for potential roommates, especially those with new and fragile sobriety. They may again feel towards substance abuse, and the whole purpose of moving is nailed. Sandler has advised bringing your sponsor together (for guys in the 12-step program) for the very first meeting with your newly coming potential roommate on It is a good practice and can save the recovery habit of many. “This is a more objective approach, and they may get an idea who they are to deal with,” Sandler shared.

 The world is round; there is nobody perfect singularly no website is full proof secure and private. Sharing about his efforts, Sandler further claimed, “we have used state-of-the-art web developing services, our security team is best in making and assuring privacy of profiles and passwords. We have made them as secure as possible. Our clients matter most to us, and we have left no stone turned for their ease and security”.

Considering all the circumstances, we have made our website completely free, both for the residents and renters. You can freely search for a room or rent a room. We have various filters where you can search by price, location, or capacity. Sandler originally launched the website in Miami, Chicago, New York, New Jersey, and Kentucky, but it’s ever-growing since its launch. We are adding more and more places and spreading the network countrywide. Newly added locations are Minneapolis, Dallas, and Austin. After covering major Metropolitan corporations, we are moving towards counties, mid-size towns, and most college towns located in the hearts of mid-sized cities.

Sandler says his website is new; he is thankful for people’s patience as it continues to grow. He claims the site will be most helpful when joined by the increased number of people on it, so he is hopeful he spread the world’s help and wants you to: tell your friends, family, and anyone you think might require a sober roommate. As you search for a sober roommate but helpless to find enough people on the website from your town, you should still make a profile and continue the search to encourage more. It will have a snowball effect to attract more people to do the same. Finally, you will get a room of your choice or rent of your choice, the other way round. We are building a community of sober people; with the help of sober people like you, we hope to grow this platform into a great stage for the recovery community.

 Everything runs on money, so in this whole episode, how is Sandler going to make money? How is he doing with his site? The answer is advertisers; advertisers are going to pay for their listings. They are soon going to start listing, where enters from sober communities can put up their ads. This website is a trio that will benefit all those going to live, renters, and Sandler.

But you are not supposed to sit at home. Sandler suggests people reach out to him and contribute. If you live in a community or would like anyone to be added, you reach to him. And that’s how they are going to build a healthy community. Message Sandler at “Go blue.” Sandler is a graduate of the University of Michigan and then he founded