Amber Patches product test, experiences and ratings

Do you want to detoxify your body without much effort? Then Amber Patches could be the right solution. Simply stick the inconspicuous detox patches on your feet or other parts of your body. The purely natural ingredients contained in the patches do all the work for you and detoxify the body in a gentle and sustainable way.

Toxins, heavy metals and even metabolic waste are discharged from the body in this way and can no longer cause health problems. Because the symptoms can be varied. Ranging from persistent fatigue to a dangerous weakening of the immune system. Accordingly, there is no need to resort to a lengthy cure to detoxify the body – the use of Amber Patches is completely sufficient.

What is Amber Patches Detox?

What is Amber PatchesVisually, the Amber Patches could also be confused with conventional patches. However, the inconspicuous patches contain special and high-dose ingredients that stimulate the body to detoxify over the long term. The ancient medical knowledge from Japan was used for this effective mode of action. When developing the patches, however, the focus was not on combating the symptoms of the various health problems, but rather on treating the cause.

That is why natural herbs are mainly used as ingredients, which have an effect on physical detoxification. Too many toxins and harmful “storages” within the organism can not only weaken it, but also cause symptoms such as headaches, exhaustion, digestive problems, irritability and sleep problems. With the help of the Amber detox Patches, the body can be freed from toxins promptly and, above all, without great effort.

What does the Stiftung Warentest say?

A look at the internet makes it clear that the independent consumer organization has repeatedly tested detoxification products in the past. In most cases, the product promises could not be kept. During our research, however, we could not find any information that Amber Patches had previously been tested or examined by Stiftung Warentest. For this reason, we have decided to conduct our own self-test, the results of which you will find below.

Amber Detox Patches put to the test – We checked the effect

Amber Patch Product TestWe wanted to check for ourselves whether the patches really keep what they promise and answer this question with the results of our own Amber Patches test. For our self-test, we compared different sources of supply and carried out a price comparison. In the end, we decided to order directly from the official online store. Here you get a premium product at the best price and from a reputable online shop with a 30-day return policy. In addition, the product has additional active ingredients, more content and a lower price.

Our reader Monika, 36, made herself available as a test person. She has already had several detoxification cures in the past, none of which have shown any effectiveness. She hoped to finally be able to completely detoxify her body with the patches.

Day 1: At the beginning of our Amber Patches test, we discussed the exact application of the patches with Monika. To do this, she should only stick the patches on the soles of the feet overnight. Due to the uncomplicated application, our test subject had no further questions, and so we began our test with the detoxification patch.

Day 15: Two weeks of using Amber Patches Detox foot had passed and Monika reported about her experience. Already after the first night there was a clear improvement in her well-being. The states of exhaustion had also decreased significantly and even the persistent headaches decreased significantly over the last 14 days.

Luckily, our tester was unable to determine any possible negative side effects. The detox plasters did not leave any residue on the feet, nor were there any skin irritations.

Day 30: At the end of our test, our test subject had applied the patches every day. Any initial symptoms that indicated a high level of toxins in the body (headache, sleep problems, dizziness, exhaustion, body odor and skin problems) were almost completely gone. In addition, Monika was more vital and concentrated than at the beginning of our test.

Is there another effective alternative?

By using the Amber Patches, our test subject was able to detoxify the body in a gentle and quick way in our self-test. The patches were easy to use and well tolerated by organism and skin. We know, that there are a bunch of different providers offering detox patches. But, according to our research, we can confirm, that those patches are the best in terms of quality and price-performance-ratio.

​Best Product #1

Amber Patches Image Table Image

Amber Patches

  • Cleans the body
  • Improves health
  • Increases wellbeing

Public Amber Patches experiences and reviews from customers

We checked the effectiveness of the patches in a self-test and did an extensive research on this product. And as part of our research, we also wanted to know which Amber Patches experiences other customers have had with the patches. Above all, we noticed that mostly positive feedback can be found.

Amber Patches experience ratings reviews Amber Patches

Here we got a very positive review of a woman who used the detox patches. She says, that she was surprised how many harmful toxins were in her organism. Now her general health, according to her words, is definitely better than before she used the patches.

Amber Patches customer reviews experience rating review Amber Patches

The next review is from a man who is thankful to his wife for recommending the Amber Patches to him. He was also happy with the result of the usage, and he says, that both of them feel more vital and healthier now.

Amber Patches product test experience experiences review Amber Patches

Another lady were kind of enthusiastic about the patches, too. She was obviously surprised about the black color of the patches on the next day.  She, too, can only report positive things about this product and give a recommendation accordingly.

Amber Patches ingredients

Now we come to the Amber Patches ingredients. Because these seem to play an elementary role in the entire principle of action of the plasters. After all, the ingredients it contains ensure that the body can remove toxins more quickly. According to the manufacturer’s instructions and the information on the packaging, the following active ingredients are used in the patch:

Loquat leaf: The medicinal plant is particularly well known in Japan and a special liquid can be obtained from it. Above all, this antibacterial substance prevents unpleasant odors.

Vitamin C: The vitamin acts as a powerful antioxidant that supports the immune system in particular, so that the body can also more easily remove toxins from the body.

Bamboo vinegar: The substance supports the reproduction of valuable microorganisms. Among other things, these have a positive effect on digestion.

Houttuynia cordata: This medicinal plant in the Nubuu patches is characterized by an antiviral and antibacterial effect.

Wood vinegar: the antibacterial solution eliminates unpleasant odors and absorbs moisture. This makes it easier for toxins and other pollutants to be released through the pores.

Tourmaline: This mineral improves the body’s own detoxification process, while at the same time the function of the liver and kidneys is supported.

The manufacturer mentions further Amber Patches ingredients:


When can an effect be expected?

With all the advantages that these patches offer, the question of when users can expect the detox patches to work. And here comes the good news: Immediately after the first use, the first improvements can be observed with most users.

With each further use of the patch, the detoxification of the body also progresses until the organism is completely freed from toxins and deposits. After just 10 days of regular use, the body can be largely detoxified so that any symptoms of toxic substances disappear.

Are there any official test and study results for the Amber Patches?

Products like Amber Patches, which are composed of purely natural ingredients, play an important role in clinical studies, especially with regard to the mode of action and tolerability. Fortunately, the patches have already been examined in various studies, so that in this case one can speak of a safe product for the user.

For whom is Amber Patches made?

For whom is Amber Patches made

If you want to detoxify your body from harmful substances in a fast and sustainable way, Amber Patches is perfect for you. Instead of using a complex treatment to rid the body of toxins and deposits, it is enough to apply the special detox patches on the soles of the feet. The natural ingredients guarantee that the product is well tolerated, so even children and teenagers can use the patches.

Where can you buy Amber Patches? Amazon, DM, Pharmacy

You would like to buy Amber Patches now? Then we can recommend the official sales site of the manufacturer. This sellers exclusively distribute the original product with the associated health benefits. Unfortunately, we could not find the patches on eBay or Amazon, and the product is not currently offered in pharmacies or drugstores either.

At what price is the patch sold?

In our opinion, the Amber Patches price can be considered quite affordable. On the official sales page, the price depends on the pack size. For 10 patches, you pay $17.95. According to the manufacturer, however, the most frequently ordered pack is the one with 40 patches, which is currently available for $55.96.

Amber Patches application recommendation – This is how it is applied

The correct Amber Patches application is divided into a few steps. First of all, the feet should be thoroughly washed and dried before application. Then, the patches are applied to the center of the sole of the foot with the soft side. For at least six to eight hours, the patches should remain on the skin.

Within this time, however, the patches should not come into contact with water. Ideally, the application is done overnight so that the body has enough time to eliminate the toxins. After application, the patches are removed and the feet are washed thoroughly.

Possible risks and side effects

Amber Patches side effects are not expected if used properly. The contained natural ingredients are characterized by very good tolerance, so even skin irritation after application is excluded. However, if there is an allergy or intolerance to any of the active ingredients, the use of the patches should be discussed with a doctor in advance.

Frequently asked questions

Detoxifying the body has never been easier than with Amber Detox Patches. In the following section, we have summarized the most important information about the patches:

 How do I know that Amber Patches is working?

The residue on the patches that can be seen after application gives an indication of how many toxins have been discharged from the body. The darker the color, the more debris and toxins the body has already expelled. But also improved well-being and the absence of various symptoms make it clear that the body is being detoxified.

When should I end the usage of Amber Patches?

In principle, the plasters can be used over a longer period of time. There is therefore no need to terminate the application at a specific point in time. It is recommended to use the patches for at least 10 days, ideally for 30 days, for a complete detoxification of the body.

Are the Amber Patches really free of side effects?

Neither in our self-test, nor in our research could we find any indications that the application of the patches caused undesirable accompanying symptoms. Accordingly, the detoxification product is very well tolerated.

What is special about the Amber detox Patches?

Amber Patches is a simple, inexpensive and also very effective method to detoxify the body. Free of any chemical additives, the plasters are stuck to the soles of the feet and support the body in the removal of toxins, purification and harmful deposits. This can support both physical and mental health.

Do I have to stick the plasters on the soles of my feet?

As an alternative to the soles of your feet, you can also apply the plaster to another part of the body. For detoxification with Amber Patches, for example, the elbows, the stomach or the knees are recommended. In principle, however, care should be taken to ensure that the plasters do not come into contact with water after application.

Amber Patches rating

After our self-test and our associated research, we can classify Amber Patches as an effective product for detoxing. The detoxification product impresses with its uncomplicated application and an affordable price. A combination that is unfortunately not that often found in such products, and that surprised us in a positive way.

Overnight, numerous toxins, deposits and even heavy metals are discharged from the body and caught in the plaster, so that the success of the detoxification cure is visible to the user. We would like to mention once again that only natural substances such as herbs are used, so that the plasters are also well tolerated by the users and, for example, no skin irritations or other undesirable accompanying symptoms are to be expected.

Accordingly, the plasters are an excellent alternative to a conventional and sometimes exhausting detox cure. So if in the future you simply want to rid your body of toxins and other harmful deposits while you sleep and feel good again, we can warmly recommend the use of Amber Patches.

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