Bipolar I Disorder

Bipolar disorder with primarily manic expression is known as Bipolar I disorder . This depression is a manic mental health disorder that will be noticed in an individual when he/she suffer from a disease that they will experience day by day in their lives and will be able to handle all the issues created by this disorder. Bipolar disorder, like drug abuse, puts a person’s physical and mental well-being at risk. Relationship issues, economic hardship, accidental accidents, and suicide are common in people with bipolar disorder than in the general population. They are also slightly more likely to develop a drug or alcohol addiction. Most of the patients will face the following thing after having this disorder and will struggle will the things mentioned below:

  • The patient will suffer from different mood swings
  • The patient will suffer the fluctuations in their energy levels
  • The bipolar disorder patient will have changes in their activity level
  • The patient will not be able to handle or fulfill their responsibilities
  • The patients will not be able to manage the tasks of their daily routine
  • Suicidal thoughts or behaviors

However, each and everyone will face all the issues mentioned above during their stressful time. The patient, suffer from extreme level who are facing from this bipolar disorder. The one who suffers from will not control their feelings, or they don’t have control over their behaviors or reactions. The patient who has bipolar disorder will face difficulty having a positive or a successful relationship with others and will mostly lack in building their career successfully. On the other hand, most of the patients will struggle with substance abuse. Through this, they will harm their health and will increase the symptoms of mental health. This may also increase the suicidal rate among those who will not have treatment against this disorder as they may drink heavily or use other drugs.

Bipolar Disorders Signs

The start of bipolar disorder is from the brain when the dysfunctions occur, then it impacts and influences the moods, energy in the person, and motivation. Episodes of depression can often cause problem. A patient who suffers from this disorder feels so down, and because of feeling this all the time, the patient will not be able to participate in the activities. The patient who’s started suffering from this disorder will have no interest in leaving their homes and will lack interaction with others and stay at home without social interaction. 

During the manic episode, the person who’s suffering from bipolar disorder stay awake the whole night and have less sleep, this happened for many days, and through this, they act and have impulsive behavior.  

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

The symptoms of bipolar disorder are sadness, anger, mood swings and depression. But on the same side, the person who’s having the disorder of bipolar will have episodes in which he will suffer through unconditional feelings like mood swings, lack of sleep, less eating schedules, lack of interest with others, staying home etc. some of the major episodes in which it includes; the mania episode, hypomania episode, depression episode, mixed episode each will be having. 

Bipolar disorder is considered the mixture of the mixed episode or the manic episodes that the individual who suffers and faces this disorder Then, the patient needs to be hospitalized or stay there for a week. The depression episodes are also considered to be problematic for bipolar disorder. Its period is approximate two weeks. The mood of these patients is different than other average person behavior.

Some Examples of The Manic Episodes Are as The Fellow Who Is Defined As:

Extraordinary happy and feel incredibly high the patient who has bipolar disorder they have different symptoms in which the great and extremely high feeling is the one that person suffers from this disorder will have this issue

  • Irritations the patient who has bipolar disorder has different symptoms in which the patient gets irritated. This will happen only because of the condition of bipolar
  • Talk quick the patient who have different symptoms in which the patient talks with others so quickly that the other one is unable to get what he/she is saying
  • Distracted easily The patient who has bipolar disorder has different symptoms in which the patient is distracted so quickly that they are suffering from this disorder. 
  • Low hungriness the patient who has different symptoms in which the patient have different eating schedules that they take meals, that is the too different routine from the normal ones
  • Lack of interest in sleeping the patient who has different symptoms in which the patient having fewer sleeping habits, as the person is suffering.
  • Behaviour is precipitate The patient who has bipolar disorder has different symptoms in which the Impulsive patient behaviour. 

The Depression Episode Signs Are as Following:

Following are the signs that are due to the depression episode of the patient who suffers from the bipolar disorder 

  • No interest in different activities
  • Hugh fatigue 
  • The energy level is low
  • Downhearted and sad
  • Other eating and sleeping schedules 
  • Thoughts of suicide 
  • Suicidal behaviour

When both the symptoms of the depression and manic states are characterized, it is known as the mixed episode. All the above symptoms are common in bipolar-I disorder. The bipolar disorder symptoms are not defined. In the mixed episode, the reflection of the behaviour combination is of the mania and depression episodes.

For example:

The individual who are having symptoms of bipolar disorder, like they have the feeling of suicide and have entirely lost interest in the activities and don’t have any interest, they stop leaving the homes and have no social interaction. These patients have racing thoughts and have pressured and lost night naps. So, the person will feel and start drinking or intake the drugs. To control and to balance their mood swings. But, the patient will only get control and have balanced mood swings control will be temporary. They won’t get any permanent treatment of bipolar disorder, so because of this, they will have temporary relief. The person who needs permanent relief and wants to have a complete recovery then needs to have a professional treatment that will help the patient stabile their mood swings and overcome all the issues he has.

Substance Abuse and Bipolar I 

The extreme and constant mood swings that are at an extreme level will be frustrated, which all defines the bipolar disorder. Additionally, the results of erratic and behavior that are uncontrolled are challenging to process. Many of the patients turned and shifted themselves to the drugs and alcohol to with the emotions and the feelings of the isolation period. In some of the other cases, patients enjoy the swings they have in their energies, and they have in the period of manic episodes of bipolar disorder. By using crystal meth and cocaine, different patients will extent the feelings by using the drugs mentioned above. This will continue to stay there and stay focused and active in social life.

On the same side, Substance Abuse has a variety of consequences on the course of bipolar disorder: Symptoms are getting more serious (mood swings, poor judgment, impulsivity, hostility, and irritability) Emotional instability over longer periods of time. Suicide attempts have increased. depression is some suffer from the disorder named bipolar disorder. To escape from these feelings, they may use other drugs or drink heavily.

Unfortunately, the results of the drug used and alcohol always make the condition of the patient terrible, and it increases the health issues, the irregular behaviour and even though the most challenging situation is that when they have to connect and communicate with their families or the love ones. 

Bipolar I Disorder’s Treatment Options

Bipolar disorder is an issue and a problem in the patient’s life who suffers from this disorder, so treatment is necessary. Substance abuse or drug and alcohol use are also problematic for the patients. Dual diagnosis rehabilitation is the best program that treats in a written way that the patient recovers soon. 

The medication magnet of the bipolar symptoms is still an issue for the patients who suffer from this disorder. The medication management required time to get the correct dose and the combination of the medications that can successfully address bipolar disorder and holistic care can be used for integrative treatment.

The therapy and the holistic involves the integrative treatment, which addresses the substances that abuses the problem as well as the scary thing to grow and recover from the bipolar disorder from a long period of time. According to the research, this year the patient who has bipolar problem is more than approximately 2.8% in the united states population, while on the other hand, the percentage of the Americans who suffer from this disease is 4.4% which is more as compared to the united states, these patients are the one who experienced the bipolar disorder in some time of life in their lives. If some of the individuals have this disorder or found in someone who is their loved ones, then they should have the treatment. 

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