What is the Dare Program and How Does it Work?

DARE Program stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education Program and is an acronym in the field of public health. This is a drug education program initiated by the Department of Education and other law enforcement and schools to help educate students on the dangers of drug use. There is some debate on whether the DARE … Read more

Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) is a test that was intended to evaluate the intelligence of adults and more seasoned young people to furnish them with a more coordinated recuperation plan. Its fourth release has been being used for this reason since its unique manifestation was created in 1955. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale WAIS, and a large … Read more

The Tragic Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Addiction as An Adult

Childhood trauma is the events that happen to a child or to a person`s childhood that were dangerous, life-threatening and scary, which the individual does not easily forget. The progressing accumulation of addiction research offers a more careful understanding of addiction. In any case, while we know more now than any other time in recent memory, … Read more