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We as are very proud and pleased to announce to our readers that we can add to our existing expertise, the expert knowledge from the team of This partnership will bring many advantages to both you as our readers and us as a customer-oriented service provider!

With the expansion of our team, we are one of the largest providers of health-oriented articles and test reports in our division. In addition, we can work more efficiently in this way and cover even more health-related topics than we already do.

In the long term, we hope to be able to reach even more readers with the cooperation with myhealthnewsdaily, as the topics of health and well-being are really important to us. In addition, our vision is a mindful, healthy society and world. More awareness of health issues also relieves the health system enormously.

We made a very conscious and considered decision to partner with myhealthnewsdaily because the employees there share our values such as customer orientation, professional accuracy and a sense of responsibility.

In addition, our new colleagues are well-known luminaries in their respective fields, and we were also completely convinced of our new partner in human terms from the very beginning. Therefore – as you may imagine by now – we are extremely looking forward to our future cooperation. You, as our readers, will also benefit from our new colleagues!

Will anything change and if so, what?

Apart from the fact that we can offer even more quality than usual and that we can actually cover even more specific subject areas, nothing at all will change for you as our readers. For example, our offer will remain free of charge and freely available to you.

What was the goal of Myhealthnewsdaily?

MyhealthnewsDaily was also originally founded to provide health education, provide solutions to ailments and raise public awareness of healthcare systems and public health.

Thanks to the wide-ranging expertise of our new colleagues, has even been ratified and recognized by the FDA. Furthermore, the employees of myhealthnewsdaily maintained close contact with doctors, pharmacies and other institutions in the health sector, which will continue to help us enormously in our future cooperation. As a customer, you will quickly notice the advantages.

Why merging?

To put it briefly and frankly: After much deliberation, we decided on this partnership in order to reduce costs, to be able to work even more effectively and efficiently and to be able to use our broad expertise as sensibly as possible.

Will we cover the same topics as usual?

Yes. As briefly mentioned above, the topics on our blog remain very similar to our previous work. The number of published articles will of course increase, as will the technical expertise. With our new partners, we will be able to cover almost every area of health issues, which of course will also benefit you.

We will continue to provide you with expert information on new trends – such as CBD products -, exercise equipment and methods and news on health-related topics. As you can see, we are looking forward to a hopefully successful time together full of anticipation and motivation!

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