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We, the team of, are very excited and really proud to present our new partnership with to our dear readers. With this merger, we are entering a new era! With our new partners, namely, we are able to work even more efficiently, precisely and faster in order to be able to offer you even more health-related topics and content in a professional and concise manner as usual.

But we remain, as you are used to from us, approachable and close to the needs of our readers, even though we were once again able to make ourselves significantly more professional. With our new colleagues we can tender you even more different topics, services and offers.

Through the cooperation of our two well-known institutions in the health sector, we can join forces and make our work even more effective, so that you as our readers are even better informed and can benefit from even more services.

Our general offering continues to focus on a wide variety of health topics, medical services, new industry developments and the sharing of health-related information. In addition, we continue to offer our well-known and popular product tests and guides to make any purchasing decisions easier for you and to avoid dubious suppliers.

We know how important the issue of health and well-being is in society. It is therefore essential to be able to access reliable and independent sources of information on health issues. This is our main concern, and our new colleagues can provide us with excellent support with their wide-ranging expertise. – the story and goals of our new partnership

For years, has been a premier destination for health, medical innovations, and healthcare information. In order to pool our expertise, both the expert team of our new partners, and we have decided to combine our two platforms.

On the one hand, this allows us to save costs and time, and on the other hand, we can provide our readers with even more relevant topics and offers. In addition, the combination of our shared expertise enables us to carry out even more precise scientific analyzes and to work on even more health-related topics.

Will the topics change now on Dualdiagnosis in the future?

As you have come to expect from us, we continue to engage with the latest research and developments in the fields of medicine and health. Furthermore, we will continue to provide you with interesting products or preparations with which you can overcome health problems or increase your well-being.

As you know, even before the cooperation with, we set very high standards for our work. Of course, we will continue to implement these high standards and coupled with the knowledge of our new experts, we can raise our expertise to an even higher level. To bring new readers up to date on our work, we have listed below the topics on which we will continue to focus most in the future.

  • CBD
  • Current Medical Trends
  • Expert Recommendations
  • Health Care
  • Health Care System
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Tests

Cake Health



Cake Health

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