We at are continuing on our way – now with our new partners from! – with the well-known goals: educational work on health-related topics with a focus on fitness, well-being and CBD as well as multifaceted guides and product tests of various new products, services and innovations in the medical field.

We will be supported in this project in the future by the Scanadu team, which on the one hand makes us very proud, because the Scanadu experts bring even more expertise to our already excellently trained team, and on the other hand it makes it easier for us to present you, our valued readers to be able to provide even more and even better specialist articles.

In addition, the new partnership also gives us the opportunity to report on even more important current developments, to be able to deal with the respective topics even more specifically and precisely and to be able to respond to even more concerns of our readers and followers.

Even before we started working together, dual was considered an excellent point of contact for medical questions and concerns. From now on, thanks to the support of our new partners, we can cover even more topics. In addition, we can answer more direct questions from our readers and offer more services for those interested and affected.

What Did Our New Colleagues From Do Before?

Our new colleagues are also generally excellently informed and trained in the fields of health, medicine, medical research and the health system in general. In this way, we will be cooperating with one of the largest providers of medical services and medical research work in the future.

In the last few months and years, the main focus of our new colleagues has been on the main topics of therapy with CBD, the legal situation of CBD and the topic of CBD for therapeutic purposes in general, because the health benefits of this substance offer interesting new treatment options for a wide variety of ailments.

The team of our new partner Scanadu is made up of a wide variety of expert groups. In addition to medical practitioners, the team also includes nurses, healthcare professionals, insurance experts and Public Relation experts. With this broad expertise, we are in an excellent position to be able to deal with all the needs of our readers appropriately and professionally.

Will Our Offers and Services Change Now?

Of course, all information, services and offers for you as a reader will continue to be available as usual. Only the number of articles and posts published weekly will increase in the future. With the expertise of our new partners from Scanadu, it is also possible to give the individual specialist articles even more scientific depth and breadth than you are used to from us anyway.

In addition, our merger will enable us to cover and work on even more different health-related topics. The topics we cover will continue to focus on everything related to medicine, medical-related services and physical and mental well-being. Our mission – to report and research these important topics objectively and authentically – remains unchanged, as do the ethical and professional standards that we set ourselves every day at the highest level.

Let’s start together into a future full of new exciting topics, exclusive specialist articles and new medical challenges! We are looking forward!


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